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By Chris Allain

By the year 2000, Vidox had shifted all of its editing to the latest Avid Media Composer. This system, the first of its kind in the state of Louisiana, allowed uncompressed, non-linear editing at a quality level comparable to an on-line system. The Avid had matured into an excellent, reliable tool and a suite once filled with machines now had far fewer blinking lights and equipment racks. In the years that followed, lower cost post-production systems became more and more powerful and the Avid was, itself, retired to our hi-tech equipment graveyard.

TOOL IMPROVEMENTS In 2003 we traded our cozy 1300 square foot shop for an 8000 square foot office and studio. We went from two parking space to thirty-two. The acquisition and renovation took about a year and the size of the project tested me in ways I hadn’t imagined. Read about that project in the DV Magazine article “This Old Studio”.

Early in 2003 we started shooting high definition video on select projects and a few years later began to edit in HD. In 2007 we moved to shooting HD video on solid-state memory cards and eliminated the use of videotape. A year later we acquired a Panasonic P2 Varicam—a great digital cinema camera used to shoot numerous theatrical feature releases.

That year we also began editing virtually all content in HD even though two years later, in 2010 few area TV stations could even playback an HD spot. Today, 4K digital motion picture systems used by Vidox offer a cinematic look that was once the exclusive domain of the major film studios.

A NEW CHAPTER Throughout the decade tools improved gradually, the cost dropped, and the whirlwind slowed. Revolutionary change gave way to evolutionary change. The next software release no longer had the power to change the game. The tools, once so critical, became almost incidental. The post-production process, once nearly athletic, became more cerebral. In many ways, for the first time, imagination was the limit, and skill mattered most. It was on to a new era of producing motion imagery.

Excellence has always been our mantra and after nearly four decades Vidox has established a tradition as a media production technology leader focused on creating stunning motion imagery and world-class content.

Many thanks to the clients, partners, supporters, and friends we’ve had the pleasure to associate with over the years.