In the early nineteen-ninties Chris Allain began a decade and a half long series of contributions to several national periodicals. As a Videography Contributing Editor for over a decade, he chronicled pioneering efforts to find and develop digital video tools and techniques for use in the production of media content. The following are selections from those writings:

Chris Allain in “DV” Magazine

After outgrowing a modest, 1,400 space, the article shares explains how Vidox’s 8,0000 square foot production studio became a reality. Vidox founder, Chris Allain shares his thoughts on building an elite production studio: “This Old Studio” (9/2004)

Chris Allain In “Wired” Magazine

Vidox founder, Chris Allain wrote many pieces for Wired Magazine throughout the ‘90s. Here are a few in PDF form:
Wired 1.2 “The Ultimate Camcorder” (May/June 1993)
Wired 1.3 “The Choice For 3-D Animation” (July/August 1993)
Wired 1.4 “Da Vinci Would Dig It” (Sep/Oct 1993)

Chris Allain Publications in Videography Magazine

Throughout the 90’s Vidox Founder, Chris Allain wrote many articles about video production in the industry publication Videography…
Report from the Open Studio Roundtable (12/1997)
Prompter System (1997)
Cover (1997)
The Open Studio Roundtable: Metadata (6/1997)
The Macworld Winners (2/1997)
The Open Studio Effort Continues (1/1997)
Cover (11/1996)
Open Studio Roundtable (6/1996)
Digital Video Roundtable: Siggraph (10/1995)
Another Digital Roundtable (6/1995)
Alladin’s Magic
Fullpage Ad (10/1994)
A Night at the Digital Video Roundtable (6/1994)
Non-Linear Offline: Anecdotes and Opinions from a Facility Owner’s Perspective
A Full-Motion Video Engine (11/1993)
Video Nirvana: The Video Workstation (10/1993)
Techno-Surfing (9/1993)
Building a Quicktime Kiosk (2/1993)
The Video Explorer (11/1992)
Video Typography on the Mac (5/1992)